Welcome to the Canton Magicrafters!

We hope that you will enjoy the Canton Magicrafters. We have been around for many, many years and support all aspects of magic and the allied arts. We are an affiliated I.B.M. Ring (#243 / Roth – Mills Ring).

Our club is constantly growing with talent of all ages, both old and young. Our membership is made up of much of the surrounding area, including Canton, Massillon, Alliance, Akron, Louisville, Dover, North Canton, and many more.

The Canton Magicrafters are behind fund raisers and programs that support both our own club and the community. The club boasts of having the largest magic auction in the United States every year as well as fund raising magic shows, and family events such as banquets and picnics.

We maintain our own video library and schedule magic lectures by well known magicians on a regular basis. Throw in monthly meetings, news letters, a great web page, and a whole lot of fun along the way and that’s what the Canton Magicrafters are all about. It’s a great place for the old to share knowledge with the young, and the young to share their enthusiasm with the old.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask myself or any other member, as we will all be glad to help in any way we can. So why not put a little magic into your life, and come on out to the meetings, participate, and become a member?

You can come to three meetings before you have to decide whether you want to join or not. If you decide to join, we will arrange a small initiation show for you the following month. At that time you will be voted upon by the other members. I hope to see you there!

Randy Weidenhamer
Secretary, Canton Magicrafters
Cell: 330-933-8787

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